Are you getting ready for your next off-road adventure? Are you looking to level up your on-road performance? Are you looking to burn rubber and ride ’til the tires fall off?

We’ve got you covered! After all, a vehicle that can handle all terrain should have tires that can do the same.

Two tires have distinguished themselves as the market’s most resilient off and on-road tires.

This article will help you get to know and decide between the Toyo Open Country AT3 vs. Falken Wildpeak AT3W.

We’ll see which tire meets your needs when the rubber leaves the road.

Overview of Toyo Open Country AT3


Features & Specifications:

  • Polyester casing
  • 3D multi-wave sipes
  • Comes in P-Euro-metric, LT-metric, & Light truck flotation sizes
  • Stone-ejecting blocks

This 2020-released Toyo Open Country AT3 tire offers polyester casing with a redesigned tread compound and void area. 3D multi-wave sipes and circumferential grooves are also incorporated into the overall tire layout.

All of these features lead to two things: Better off-road grip and wet traction in all terrain.

In fact, it even has a Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake symbol, certifying it for use in snow.

Not only that, but the Toyo Open Country AT3 tire also has a thick sidewall to protect it from impact damages like punctures and tire bruises. It also has sharp-biting edges that grip road surfaces.

The stone-ejecting blocks embedded in the tires create and facilitate security from tread damages and punctures, which can significantly affect the longevity of tires.

Another essential aspect to know, aside from the tire’s design, is the wide availability of tire sizes for your light truck, CUV, SUV, car, and all-terrain vehicles. The tire size range is from 15 inches to 22 inches, which includes the following variants:

  • P metric sizes
  • P-euro-metric
  • LT-metric
  • Light truck flotation sizes

Another beneficial feature of these tires isn’t even found on the physical item. If you’re unsatisfied and want another tire, Toyo can take them back as long as it is within 500 miles or 45 days after use.

The one downside you may encounter is the occasional road noise that occurs because of its tread appearance. Nonetheless, it’s not that disturbing, and in exchange, you get treads that are cut-and-chip resistant.


  • Multiple tire sizes for light trucks, CUV/SUV/cars
  • Polyester casing with thick sidewall and stone-ejecting blocks for impact and bruise protection
  • 3D multi-wave sipes, redesigned tread, and void area for traction


  • It may create road noise because of the tread design

Overview of Falken Wildpeak AT3W


Features & Specifications:

  • Silica compound tire-tread design
  • 3D Canyon Sipes technology
  • Proprietary lower rugged sidewall
  • Internal cooling protection

The Falken Wildpeak tires are made of a silica compound and, along with their tread design, offer improved tire strength for winter driving, traction on wet surfaces, and the usual wear and tear.

Aside from that, Falken Wildpeak AT3W tire also advertises its above-average tread depth of 18/32 inches, which greatly contributes to the following:

  • Better grip
  • Snow resistance
  • Hydroplaning resistance

Its 3D canyon sipes also give the tire stability, which aids it in improving steering response, grip, traction, and high torque. It also has tread blocks that are a bit smaller for snowy conditions.

That said, the number of tire sipes may be insufficient for particularly harsh conditions, which can cause a slight delay in steering response.

Despite this, the tire has a proprietary lower sidewall designed for rugged durability with internal cooling protection. A heat diffuser technology is embedded to ensure longer-lasting internal components.

The Falken Wildpeak AT3W tire also comes with the Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake symbol guarantee, which assures its performance in different weather conditions, especially when pulling through rough snow terrain.

Aside from the tire specs, it also offers a 55,000-mile tread life warranty and road hazard protection that ensures your tire for at least two years.


  • Heat diffuser technology for internal tire protection
  • Tread depth for tire grip and resistance
  • 3D canyon sipes for high torque stability


  • It may not be as efficient in snowy conditions because of the insufficient sipes

Toyo Open Country AT3 vs. Falken Wildpeak AT3W: Comparison of Features

So, who wins?

To answer this question, we will put in a head-to-head match Toyo Open Country AT3 vs. Falken Wildpeak AT3W in this comparison of features.

We will compare them based on their tread depth, durability, wet, off-roads, winter, and on-road performance.

Tread Depth

The depth of the tread is a critical aspect of a tire as the treads are its primary contact point with the ground.

A deeper tread appearance contributes to good traction on wet surfaces, off-road traction, dry traction, and better traction overall. It also paves the way for longer tread life.

For the Falken Wildpeak AT3W, the tread depth is 19/32 inches for the 20-inch tire size, while the Toyo Open Country AT3 has 17/32 inches for the 20-inch tire size.

However, the actual depth for your vehicle will differ according to the tire sizes and variations. The tread depths can be found on the Toyo Official Website and the Falken Tire Official Website.

Moreover, the average tread depth for most tires is between 10/32 inches to 11/32 inches. In this sense, the two tires have above-average tread depth, which makes them stand out among other tires.

Because of its deeper tread, the clear winner is the Falken Wildpeak AT3W, but the Toyo Tires come in at a very close second.

WINNER: Falken Wildpeak AT3W


Durability is a measure of how tires resist and power through environmental conditions. Considering this, both tires are all-terrain tires, which means they are designed to withstand any weather condition.

The Falken Wildpeak AT3W has rugged sidewall protection and an outer apex sidewall to preserve the tires, allowing them to withstand wear and tear. It also has a rim cushion on top of the sidewalls.

Moreover, internal cooling protection and tread blocks are also present, which are efficient when on the road. The downside, however, is its wider outboard shoulders that may be a great source of uneven and irregular wear.

Meanwhile, the Toyo Open Country AT3 has more durability-increasing features like steel belts, lower rolling resistance, higher void ratio, staggered shoulders, and a lighter weight that keep it from experiencing irregular wear.

This has the added benefit of making the Toyo AT3 more fuel-efficient. According to studies, those with lower rolling resistance have lower fuel consumption and more cost-efficient fuel mileage.

For this category, the Toyo Open Country AT3 wins.

WINNER: Toyo Open Country AT3

Wet Performance

Good tires are also determined based on their performance in rough weather conditions, particularly in wet conditions.

To assess this, you must look at their wet traction and hydroplaning resistance abilities. Traction is defined as the tires’ grip on wet surfaces.

On the other hand, hydroplaning resistance is seen when the tire can withstand wetness on the road without losing power.

For a more detailed breakdown of Toyo Open Country AT3 vs. Falken Wildpeak AT3W, here is a more detailed explanation:

Wet traction

For the Toyo Open Country AT3, the tread appearance and 3D multi-wave sipes are designed to create traction on wet surfaces.

The Falken Wildpeak AT3W, meanwhile, has the silica tread compound and deeper treads to facilitate its grip.

Unfortunately, the Falken AT3W has fewer sipes which, along with the deeper treads, may give it more problems with stability, particularly in wet settings.

Hydroplaning resistance

Both claim to be hydroplane-resistant with their rigid tread blocks and depth. Both have solid ground connections that offer traction in wet terrain.

Moreover, the Toyo Open Country AT3 has wider grooves and even voids that wick water off of the tires. This is in contrast to the narrow grooves on the Falken Wildpeak AT3W.

Although they both offer similar performance in watery road conditions, Toyo tires have better hydroplane resistance, allowing you to stay steady on the road.

WINNER: Toyo Open Country AT3

Off-Road Performance

Off-road performance is measured by how much traction or grip is offered on deep mud and rocky terrain. Better traction gives a better steering response when you decide to go on an off-road adventure.

So, who has better off-road performance?

The Falken Wildpeak AT3W has tread blocks that are helpful in the firmness of the tire’s contact patch (the part of the tire that gets in contact with the ground). The presence of silica tread compliments the stiffness of the tires.

Its sidewall and S-shaped blocks are also irregular to give more grip. Aside from the primary sidewall, it also has an outer apex sidewall that offers a softer compound and better connection of the internal components.

Moreover, contrary to the uneven blocks in Falken’s, the Toyo Open Country AT3 has even blocks and voids that make it more stable and rigid. It also helps off-road dirt and mud to pass smoothly.

The Toyo Open Country AT3 also has a visibly wider void and low-rolling resistance partly because of its stone-ejecting block feature, which contributes to how good the tire’s traction is.

The stone ejection feature, which is a noticeable difference from the Falken, makes the Toyo Open Country AT3 a clear winner for off-road traction and performance.

WINNER: Toyo Open Country AT3

Winter Performance

The best factor to consider for the tires’ performance in winter is if it has the Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake symbol given to those with a traction score index above 110.

In this case, the good news is that both all-terrain tires are 3PMS-certified, which means these are safe to use in winter conditions:

  • The Falken Wildpeak AT3W is primarily designed for winter and wet performance based on its product description.
  • On the other hand, the Toyo Open Country AT3 focuses on durability and performance on the wet road.

Then, the exterior of Falken Wildpeak AT3W is equipped with a silica compound, which is an excellent wet-resistant component and works best on deep snow.

However, it has narrower grooves compared to the Toyo Open Country AT3, which affects how it performs when in contact with water.

For this category, the winner by a small margin is the Toyo Open Country AT3.

WINNER: Toyo Open Country AT3

On-Road Performance

On-road performance is determined by its traction, durability, and comfort while driving the tires in different weather conditions.

As mentioned earlier, Toyo Open Country AT3 has better wet performance because of its traction and hydroplane resistance. Meanwhile, the Falken Wildpeak AT3W works better when it comes to tread depth.

On-road, both tires perform well. However, Toyo Open Country AT3 may have a tiny edge because of its stone-ejecting blocks feature, although its wider grooves may be a cause of concern due to its lower on-road grip.

On the one hand, the Falken Wildpeak AT3W is a better companion on-road because of its narrow grooves.

According to researchers, the narrow grooves are responsible for the deeper tread, which translates to a more efficient grip on the road and a wider contact patch.

These make the Falken Wildpeak AT3W more durable and with better traction, which translates into increased comfort on the road.

WINNER: Falken Wildpeak AT3W

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions are part and parcel of every decision-making process. This section is dedicated to giving you all the answers you need to find the better choice between these two cars.

Are Falken Wildpeak AT3W and Toyo Open Country AT3 noisy?

The Toyo Open Country AT3 has a recognizable sound because of its tread, which gives it excellent road traction. On the other hand, the Falken Wildpeak AT3W is relatively quiet.

How Many Plies Are the Falken Wildpeak AT3W and the Toyo Open Country AT3?

The Falken Wildpeak AT3W and the Toyo Open Country AT3 have a range of plies based on the tire size and load you choose. These are:

  • 6-ply
  • 8-ply
  • 10-ply
  • 12-ply

How Much Do Falken Wildpeak AT3W and Toyo Open Country AT3 Cost?

The prices will depend on the size of the tire. The Toyo Open Country AT3 ranges from $139.99 to $548.99, while the Falken Wildpeak AT3W can be bought for between $140 and $453.

Final Verdict: Which of the Two Tires Should You Pick?

When finding tires that fit your interest, it’s best to choose an all-terrain tire based on its overall specifications, depth of tread, off-road, wet, winter, and on-road performances.

Choose the Toyo Open Country AT3 If…

If you are an individual who likes to explore wet places, deep snow, and off-road sceneries, or if you need tires that have the following:

  • Better traction in wet areas
  • Better hydroplaning resistance
  • Better winter performance
  • Stone-ejecting blocks
  • Lesser contact patch

For these, choose the Toyo Open Country AT3.

Choose the Falken Wildpeak AT3W If…

If you are more concerned about the tread life, traction, and on-road performance, you need tires that are embedded with the following:

  • Deeper treads
  • S-shaped rigid tread blocks
  • Narrower grooves
  • With a secondary sidewall

With these contexts in mind, the better choice for an all-terrain tire is the Falken Wildpeak AT3W.

Final Words

When choosing a good tire, always consider which all-terrain tires match your driving preferences and usual driving conditions: wet, dry, deep snow, on-road, or off-the-road.

It would be best if you also considered the least expensive tire that will fit your budget without sacrificing the performance and capabilities of a great tire.

In the end, both the Toyo Open Country AT3 tire and Falken Wildpeak AT3W tire can give you the greatness of all-terrain tires, especially when dry traction or snowy conditions are concerned.

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