• Founder: American Pacific Industries
  • Began Operations: 1982
  • Head OfficeL Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

Source: Advantatire

Who Makes Advanta Tires?

Advanta is one of the brands owned by American Pacific Industries, a tire supplier that’s not very well-known despite being quite big. Advanta tires are generally very affordable and there are a few reasons why. Some people say the quality isn’t always great, but that the tires do a decent enough job overall.

Advanta tires are budget-friendly compared to other American tire brands. You can get them for just $60 each. Some say one reason for this is that they cut corners on the treads so they may not be up to par on some all-season models.

Advanta tires perform well on dry roads during the summer and can handle rain easily. There are better choices for wet conditions though. They can struggle in heavy rain or on ice. There are certainly better options available but they come with a higher price tag.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, then the cheaper Advanta tires are worth considering. They may not perform perfectly in all situations, but the handling is solid, and they respond well under favorable conditions.

Comfort-wise, they’re pretty good. They don’t generate a lot of noise, and they’re balanced well enough to avoid rattling while driving. As for durability, it varies. The sidewalls are generally pretty sturdy and resistant to punctures, and the tread can last for several years. You might wear them down faster than expected if you’re a driver that tends to brake sharply often.

All in all, Advanta tires can get the job done (as long as you’re not driving in the snow). There are definitely better options on the market. If you decide to go with Advanta, make sure they’re the right fit for your needs before making a purchase.

Where are Advanta tires made?

API manufacture tires in several locations located around the Pacific. They have plants in USA, China, and India. Operations in China and India contribute to the lower cost of these tires.  

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